Lust Have It – February 2015 – Review

Hi everyone,

After some issues regarding delays in posting out the bag, the February Lust Have It arrived on my doorstep on Friday! Hopefully the March bag will be dispatched soon and LHI will get back on track with their shipping schedules.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lust Have It, Lust Have It is a monthly beauty subscription box with the inclusion of 5-6 deluxe sized beauty items, priced at only $19.95 a month but if you use the code ‘TRIED1’ you can receive $5 off your first box!

lust have it beauty box february 2015Designer Brands Black Liquid Eyeliner. RRP: $8.99. Received FULL SIZE.
I’m a huge fan of liquid eyeliner and I wear it almost everyday so I’m looking forward to giving this one from DB a go as it features a thin brush head. I haven’t tried much from the brand in the past either.

Natural Glamour Illuminating Foundation SPF 15. RRP: $29.95. Received FULL SIZE.
Unfortunately I received this foundation in the medium shade which is far too dark for my skin tone.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. RRP: $33.00. Received Deluxe Sized Sample.
I believe I received a similar, if not the same product from a earlier subscription box and was really impressed so  stay tuned for a review of this product!
Natural Glamour 2GLO Line Treatment Concealer. RRP: $27.95. Received FULL SIZE.
Like the foundation, this concealer is in the medium shade so I wont be able to use it sadly.

Ulta3 Plum Lip Liner. RRP: $2.95. Received FULL SIZE.
Everyone received the lip liner in the plum shade which is a lovely dark shade that I think will go well with evening lipstick shades. Lip liners are a great product to have as they can also double up as a full lip colour.


While I really appreciate that 4 out of 5 products in the bag are full sized, 2 of them are just too dark for me to use and I am sure quite a few others would’ve received the wrong shades as well which means only half the bag’s contents is useable. I think all subscription boxes should either rethink their inclusion of base products that are specific to skin tones and opt for ones that adapt to one’s skin tone or they should make an effort to take a look at their subscriber’s profiles and try to match the shades as best as they can.

I think this bag is just okay and unfortunately for me, LHI haven’t really impressed me yet this year so I hope March’s bag will really change my tune.


What are your thoughts on this bag?

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*This product was kindly provided. As with all my posts, it is 100% honest and of my own personal opinion. For more information, visit my Disclosure Policy.


13 responses to “Lust Have It – February 2015 – Review

  1. Hmm this doesn’t look overly great. I don’t know why they insist on including any kind of face product that requires a shade name. Seriously, they have such a small chance of giving you the right shade! It’s such a let down and such a waste. One of the main reasons I stopped getting this box! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  2. Truthfully I cannot wait for my LHI subscription to end, still a couple packs left then I’m out. I’m well and truly over seeing repeat brands and products. Designer Brands are easily accessible so I’m not thrilled to see yet another of their products included. The Paula’s Choice is a great product, and yes it is a repeat. I still have mine lol Bummer about the medium toned products…

  3. 2 medium shade products for me too. Unable to use the foundation, but the concealer i might be able to just get away with – or at the very least, use the primer part of the product. Great to see Paula’s choice products in there, but like Loz, I am just counting down the days til my subscription runs out!

  4. I only received the February LHI.. I got the Light shade for the Natural Glamour foundation. I see you’ve got medium. That would probably suit me better than light.

  5. My only wish is that I cancelled this pack sooner.
    Their cancellation ‘policy’ is entirely unethical and possibly illegal. I proceeded to vent my frustrations on their facebook page as I had received automated responses from their ‘support’ team only to have my message hidden. When I posted a link to the ACCC I was blocked.

    When I told Lust Have It that I wanted my final pack sent to a women’s charity, they told me I would have to update the shipping details myself – they wouldn’t even do that.

    I am now informing everyone I can to avoid this ‘business’ like the plague.

  6. I’ve just got my first ever box and after reading some not so amazing reviews I was pleasantly surprised, I needed both lip and eyeliner and the foundation and concealer are both good colour wise for me. The only issue I had was the fact that I get bombarded with first box special prices for as little as $8 but I’m not eligible for them as I’m signed up and it took about 4-5 weeks to get here!

  7. You’d think they’d have asked us to choose our shade like they had with past products. They tried to play it off like Bellabox did when they had the Nude by Nature BB Cream, and say it can be used for contour.
    I saw one video of a girl who tried this and it looked awful.

  8. I’ve just cancelled my membership after being a member for a couple of years. ECO box was so far behind it wasn’t funny, I’ve had that refunded. And I’m sick to death of their ‘update shortly’ quotes on facebook that mean nothing. I get the feeling they’ve got significant supplier issues – could be due to money issues, could be due to a bad supplier or two running late with products and that’s going to be their downfall. Either way, I’m one of many that are jumping ship.

    If they were honest & upfront with customers instead of the ‘we’ll update shortly” BS, they’d probably keep many of the customers who are bailing. No-one likes to deal with a company that is so disorganised & incapable of being honest & upfront with people giving them plenty of $$ for a purchase. They must be breaching numerous consumer laws.

  9. I’ve cancelled my subscription in 2013 and I am not suprised to see that there are so many complaints…

  10. I actually felt relief when my subscription expired as every month was a battle with LHI. I would never every subscribe again.
    Im sticking with The Parcel.

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