The Beauty Behind The Blog – BLOGGER Q & A – Bec from Beauty With Bec

This week’s The Beauty Behind The Blog, Blogger Q & A is with Bec, the lovely blogger behind Beauty With Bec.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog!
My name is Bec. I’m social media junkie, mum, and future wife based in Victoria, Australia. I run and edit a beauty and lifestyle blog called Beauty With Bec. I post product reviews, hauls, how to’s, tutorials and lots more.

What’s the most difficult part of blogging you’ve come across?
I started my blog with absolutely no experience what so ever. I could barely use a computer. All my technology skills were used on my iPhone. So all of it has been a massive learning curve for me. YouTube tutorials and Google have been my savour.

The oddest beauty product you’ve tried.
It’s not really a beauty product as such but my friend once told me that chicken feet (like the ones you see if the bamboo pots at Yum Cha) are meant to help your skin produce more collagen. So I did try them once, and by try I mean a had 1 tiny mouth full lol….beauty with bec

Your biggest beauty splurge.
My biggest beauty splurge would have to have been purchasing my PMD (Personal Microdermabrasion Device) this is an at home microdermabrasion kit. I believe they retail for around $300 here in Australia. I have spent larger amounts on some high-end skincare but the PMD would be the most expensive beauty product I own.

An interesting fact about yourself.
I participated and finished a 15km “Run For The Kids” fun run in Melbourne a few years ago with only 4 weeks training.

Your guilty pleasure.
Has it be makeup! After all I am a beauty blogger what else would I say lol!! I love that feeling of satisfaction and excitement deep down inside when you make a new purchase.

Head over to Beauty With Bec for some great beauty posts. You can also find Bec on social media:

  • Instagram: @beautywithbec
  • Twitter: @bex_lilbit

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