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For my long time readers, most of you would know that I’ve never really featured any tanning products on the blog as I’m just not the tanning type! Over the years I’ve just embraced being pale but over the last few months, I’ve actually tried quite a few tanning products.

Today I thought I’d share my top picks of some tanning products that aren’t necessary the traditional tanning products you’d use for that instant bronzey look. These products are absolutely perfect for life long tanners as well as those looking to dip their toe into the faux tan world for the first time!

carols beauty sun tanning enhancer bondi sands everyday spf 15 gradual tanning milk

The Carol’s Beauty Sun Tanning Enhancer Lotion & Sun Tanning Enhancer Oil are both quite interesting products. Both certified organic and Australia made, they contain natural ingredients such as Carrot, Henna and Almond Oil. Being enhancers, they themselves aren’t a tanning product and dont leave apply colour to the skin. What they do do is  help you develop a natural tan in a shortened amount of time. Both the lotion and oil can be used under an SPF which means you’ll be protected from harmful rays whilst being able to gain a tan faster and safer.

“People love the chance to maximise their time in the sun to be able to increase their opportunity to tan whilst still adhering to recommended sun protection guidelines”

The Oil has a very light orange tint to it and glides onto the skin easily. Once massaged in and allowed to sink in, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or tacky but your skin is left looking hydrated and healthy. The Lotion has a hydrating formula and the texture is not that of a typical lotion but it leaves no residue on the skin. The products are scented thanks to the natural ingredients but it is not overwhelming at all. The lotion and oil are both so easy to use and do produce results.

I dont spend very much time in the sun at all thanks to a busy Uni schedule but I apply these Carol’s Beauty products on days where I know I’ll be out in the sun for a bit (like walking to the shops) and I find even in a limited period of time in the sun, I’ve gained a shade and any pastiness from my fair skin is gone which just leaves me with a light glow.


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The Bondi Sands Everyday SPF 15+ Gradual Tanning Milk is another discovery of mine I’m happy to have found as it gives me light colour in a safe way. A 2 in 1 body moisturiser and gradual tanner, this product is again easy to use and delivers results. With a gorgeous cocoa butter scent, this milk has a moisturiser’s texture which while thick, I think really helps to allow you to work the product all over the skin, ensuring an even result. The colour on your skin doesn’t develop until many hours later and this product leaves absolutely no colour on your clothes or bed sheets. Once touch dry, there’s no tacky feeling left on the skin.

With the benefit of an SPF of 15 included as well as ingredient such as Antioxidants, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, this product is suitable for everyday use to maintain a tan or periodically when you’d like to add some colour to your skin. I really like just how customisable and in control you are with obtaining the level of tan you’d like with this product.

I first applied this product in the late evenings and the first morning, my skin had gained a light shade or two and it removed any harshness of my pale skin. I’ve personally found that I most preferred the colour produced after 2 days of use (as I’m still not very use to my skin having so much colour). My skin was left looking glowing and healthy with a light sun kissed look.


What are some of your favourite tanning products?

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