3 Makeup Products That Minimise The Appearance Of Pores

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Today I’m sharing my 3 makeup product picks to help you achieve a smooth, pore-less complexion. I’m really a fan of these products that minimize the appearance of pores as they give your skin a more even and smooth looking appearance, simply making your skin look great in person and in photographs!

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L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur Finishing Cream – $24.99 – This has to be my favourite blurring cream that I’ve tried on the market as I find it to be the ‘strongest’, creating the most blur and having great longevity on the skin. The white cream has a silicone texture which allows it to be applied all over the face very easily and you don’t need much product for each application. It doesn’t create a greasy residue on the skin but the slip from the silicone texture allows for makeup applied on top of it to glide on with ease. It works very effectively at creating a blurred finish on the skin which reduces the appearance of imperfections and wrinkles whilst also banishing the appearance of any pores. It’s become a real staple of mine!

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine – $44.00 – One of my favourite finishing powders, this one from Benefit comes packaged in a tube which also features a small, built in brush for easy application on the go. For my normal skin type, this powder works perfectly as a setting powder to help my makeup last throughout the day, as well as acting as a product to help minimize the appearance of pores on my skin. The powder is lightweight and can really blend into your base, ensuring it doesn’t look cakey at all on the skin and works well to reduce the appearance of pores. I do find that the effect does start to fade, though slowly at around midday so a reapplication is necessary to allow its effects to last the whole day.

Australis Cya Later Pores Spot Primer* – $16.95 – One of the latest products to hit the market by Australis, I was very excited to try this product to see how it would compare with similar products. Containing Vitamin E and Almond Oil, this formula is light and emollient, meaning a little goes a long way and being a spot primer, it’s designed to be used only in problem areas so the smallest dot of product is all you really need. It leaves the skin feeling so silky and soft without being weighed down at all and works well to mask the appearance of pores. Once applied, it has a very slight shine but this totally disappears in a minute and you can then go ahead and apply foundation with no issues at all.


What are your favourite pore minimising products?

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