How To Contour On Different Face Shapes

Hi everyone,

I recently came across a very informative YouTube video by Pixiwoo (one of my favourite beauty channels) on contouring for different face shapes and I found it quite interesting and really informative so I thought I’d share the video here for those wanting to learn how and where to contour on their face – whether it’s for a night out or just for light, daily wear.


Here are my top contouring product picks that work well for my fair skin tone:


Are you a fan of contouring?

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6 responses to “How To Contour On Different Face Shapes

  1. I have tried contouring before it was a massive fail! I just didn’t have the right products. After reading this review I purchased the AC on Tour set and it is the best for giving definition without that “dirty” look bad contouring can give. The set was great for my fair tones and achieves a good day look with only minimal effort. Thanks for sharing xx

    • Contouring is definitely a tricky step in a makeup routine and I still need some practice at it too! So glad to hear that the palette works wonderfully for you too! I understand you fair skin struggle with contouring, a lot of shades look too muddy or too orange so I really like the range of shades in this palette as it caters to different skin tones and you can mix and match!

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