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Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on 3 skincare products and 1 lip care product from the Glamourflage brand. This is a brand I wasn’t too familiar with prior to trying these products, though they have been included in some past beauty subscription boxes. One thing that really stands out for the brand is the gorgeous vintage design and packaging of the products. The brand now creates a range of skincare, body care and cosmetics.

Imogen (Glamourflage’s creator) soon realized she spent more time daydreaming about the fun and glamour of 1940s and 50s pin up girls, than she did thinking about business. If only she could combine the two…

With this daydream Glamourflage was born, a company that infuses quality skincare and make-up with the flirty personality and class of a 1940/50s pin up girl.

glamourflage mermaid meg sleep mask enchating ella eye cream luscious lucy face cream daisy delight lip balm 1There are some really great features that the skincare products have. From the 3 that I have trialled, all have a very light texture that glides onto the skin and a little goes a long way for each application. I found them to absorb into the skin quite quickly, leaving no tacky or oily residue on the skin which is fantastic as it ensures you can apply it in the mornings and not worry about it affecting any makeup you then apply on top of it.


Mermaid Meg Sleep Mask MilkI’ve never tried a product like this before so I was excited to give this mask a go. Its to be applied at night, slept in and then rinsed off in the morning. The box contains 2 bottles of the mask and with a gel consistency, a little definitely goes a long way as it melts onto the skin as you apply it. It has the slightest skincare like scent that really isn’t detectable and I found the mask to be surprisingly comfortable to wear to bed as it didn’t leave my face feeling sticky or tight. Once rinsed off in the morning, my skin felt very smooth, soft and ready for my morning skincare routine.

Enchanting Ella Eye CreamProbably my favourite of the 3 skincare products, I am really impressed with this eye cream! Coming a lovely glass jar, this eye cream has a light cream/gel texture that glides onto the skin and the smallest amount is all you really need. It leaves the skin under the eyes hydrated and soft without any shine or residue, making it great to use in the mornings as well seeing as it wont affect any makeup applied on top of it. I actually found it to help my under eye concealer glide on better, giving it a more natural finish.

Luscious Lucy Face CreamSuitable to be used both in the morning and evening as it is SPF free, this face cream again has a lovely light feel to it that applies beautifully onto the skin. One thing to note is that it does have quite a strong floral scent which may irritate more sensitive skins. However the formula which contains Aloe Vera, Shea and Glycerin really delivers on the hydration front despite being so light in texture. This face cream leaves my normal-dry skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated without feeling weighed down or leaving any sort of residue on the skin.

Daisy Delight Lip BalmThis cute little lip balm contains Castor Seed Oil and Lanolin to leave the lips soft and hydrated all year round. With a sweet cherry scent reminiscent of lollies, this lip balm is comfortable to wear as it doesn’t apply thick at all nor does it leave a sticky feel although delivering a soft glossy finish. Although light pink in the tin, the balm applies clear so you’re able to wear it under other lip product or by itself.


You can purchase these Glamourflage products and more of their range in store from David Jones or the Glamourflage website (which is currently holding a great sale on Winter skincare!).


Have you tried anything from the Glamourflage brand?

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