3 Products To Help Treat A Dry, Flaky Scalp

Although I definitely love Winter much more than Summer, one of the things I dread as the colder months set in, is getting a dry flaky scalp which is quite noticeable as I have dark hair. Now a lot of people actually dont know that having a dry flaky scalp and having dandruff are two totally different things.

This was something I didn’t know for many years and I assumed that the little white flakes I would get in the Winter months was dandruff but it wasn’t until a hairdresser told me that it was in fact a dry scalp, did I learn the difference!

Dry Scalp is usually caused by dry skin on the scalp and this happens for a number of reasons – colder weather, harsh haircare, etc whilst dandruff is caused by an over production of oil on the scalp.

3 products to help relieve and remove dandruff dry scalp in winter

I’ve been using 3 standout products this Winter to help combat my dry, flaky scalp and I can definitely say these have made a huge difference!

NFUZION Scalp Relief Shampoo* – This shampoo contains a while host of herbal ingredients to help soothe and moisturise the scalp, including Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage and Nettle. The shampoo is light blue in colour and surprising has a lovely fragrance to it that’s not herbal at all. It lathers up well and once left on the hair for 1 – 5 minutes to help the ingredients really start working, you then rinse it out. It leaves the hair feeling nice and clean, without that uncomfortable squeaky clean feel and I then follow with a conditioner. Once out the shower, I dry my hair as normal and I can definitely see a difference as my scalp doesn’t look nearly as dry as it used to.

Wella SP Balance Scalp Shampoo – This was a shampoo recommended to me by a hairdresser last Winter but I stopped using it because it cleared up my scalp and Winter had come to an end (I usually only ever get a dry scalp in Winter). I pulled this shampoo back out this season and it’s working just as well as it did last year! With a clear consistency and more of a salon scent, seeing as this product is from the System Professional range, I’d highly recommend trying this shampoo if you have a dry scalp or one that is sensitive to harsh hair products as while it is a bit more on the pricier side, it works absolutely wonderfully to reduce the dryness of the scalp and helps stop dry flakes.

The Detangler Brush – Something I’ve personally found over the years to help reduce the flakes in my hair is to brush your hair well everyday. A lot of people would probably be a bit apprehensive to do this as they think it’ll cause more flakes but I’ve found it to do the opposite as brushing your hair from the scalp downwards helps get the scalp’s natural oils to start working and relieve its own dryness which will in turn, reduce the flaking. I opt for a detangling brush (The one pictured is called ‘The Detangler’ and is from Priceline but I cannot find a link to it, though something like the Tangle Teezer or Lady Jayne Tangleze will work just as well) as it just glides through the hair but any gentle brush will do.


What are your top products and tips to help combat a dry scalp?

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