2 Products To Help Get Rid Of Spots & Pimples Fast!

I’m sure like many, whenever you spot a pimple forming, you want to get rid of it as fast as you can. There are so many different products and methods to help reduce the appearance of spots and pimples (unless you’re prone to popping them, which usually ends up being counter-productive, though I am sometimes guilty of that too!).

However, I’ve been using 2 products for quite a while now and I can definitely say that these 2 very different skincare products have not only helped with quickly getting rid of the spots both under and on top of the skin but also overcoming other obstacles that stem from having a pimple, like the difficultly of hiding a raised spot or one that has developed a ‘crusty’ top.

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Dermalogica MediBac Overnight Clearing Gel – $64.00

The Dermalogica MediBac Overnight Clearing Gel was a product from my Best In Beauty prize pack that I won at the end of last year and it was one of the first products I pulled out to use as its ‘overnight’ title drew me in and I really wanted to see if it stood up to that claim and was a miracle worker! Whilst it doesn’t cause the spot to completely disappear overnight, after a few nights of use, there are definite results.

This overnight treatment aims to clear skin, calm inflammation and reduce breakouts with its formula containing Salicylic Acid. While it can be applied all over the face and as a spot treatment, I go for the latter as I’m lucky in that I dont have problematic skin, though I do get the odd spot or breakout. On spots that develop under the skin and are quite large, red and sore (that never seem to reach the surface of the skin!), this is a fantastic treatment as it really helps clear up the spot much faster than it would take naturally. I’ve found that the gel would either just clear those spots under the surface after 3 – 4 days or it would help bring it to a head and allow it to shrink and heal faster on the surface. On pimples that have come to a head, the gel also worked well to reduce its size and redness and speed up healing in just a couple of days.

The gel soaks into the skin well, leaving no tacky feeling on the skin and it didn’t dry out my normal-dry skin at all. When using this gel, I avoid applying any skincare like serums or moisturisers over the spot and just apply the gel in that area to allow it to properly penetrate the skin and begin working.


Nexcare Acne Dressings – $14.90

I purchased these Nexcare Acne Dressings while overseas, nearly 2 years ago and these have to be one of my favourite beauty finds of all time! The pack contains sheets of transparent yellow circles in 2 sizes and to use them, all you need to do is peel a circle of the plastic sheet and place onto your spot/pimple. While they aren’t sticky per se, they are adhesive so they will stick to your skin. What the circle then does is draw the pus to the surface of the skin and onto the sticker.

I’ve found these work the best on pimples which have come to a head or ones you have popped and as these stickers need time to work, I always apply them in the evenings on a clean face (I avoid putting any serums/moisturisers on the pimple as the stickers best adhere to bare skin) as I then sleep with them on. The next morning, you just peel off the sticker and you’ll find that the sticker now looks cloudy and that is the pus that has been drawn out. Spots’ redness reduces and there is no longer a head while the spot is now flat (making it easy to cover with makeup).

A really large or troublesome spot may take 2-3 applications to begin clearing but for small spots, just one application works wonders and the appearance of a spot ever being there is basically all gone!


What are your holy grail, spot/pimple reducing products?

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