7 Beauty Struggles We Go Through During Winter

Today I thought I’d do a little beauty post sharing with you some of the beauty struggles we may encounter during the Winter months via some funny gifs.

I have definitely fallen victim to quite a few of those listed below! From simple tasks like walking down the street whilst wearing lip gloss, to getting out of the shower, dried and moisturised, some beauty steps and regimes just so hard to complete during the Winter months!

The struggle of…wearing lipgloss on a windy day.


The struggle of…getting out of the shower/bath and being hit with cold air so you skip moisturising your body in order to jump into warm clothes.


The struggle of…not wearing waterproof mascara and being caught out on a rainy day without an umbrella.


The struggle of…feeling the need to slather on a thick layer of moisturiser.


The struggle of…spending a long time styling your hair, only for the rain to come and leave it in a sloppy, limp mess.


The struggle of…sneezing after just applying mascara.


The struggle of…dry skin during Winter.


What are some of your Winter beauty struggles?

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