3 Scholl Foot Care Essentials That Leave Your Feet Prepared For Any Pair Of Shoes

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Although we’re in the midst of Winter and that means closed shoes and warm uggs for many, maintaining a regular foot care routine is important as it’ll get your feet ready for Spring and Summer and ensure that if you do need to slip into a pair of heels this cold season, your feet look primed and taken care of. There are some wonderful foot care products on the market that can make a noticeable difference quite quickly and with little to no effort!

Scholl footcare essentials Velvet Smooth Express Pedi essential moisture cream party feet gel inserts

The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi has to be one of the most popular foot care products on the market and there have been rave reviews. The product is really easy to use with its auto rotating head that buffs away any hard or dry skin on your feet. Whilst the head is gentle on the feet, you can really see and feel the difference instantly as your feet feel much softer and smoother. As someone who wears lots of flat sandals in Summer, sometimes my heel area does get a little rough and I think the Express Pedi will definitely help combat that this upcoming Summer!

As the skin on your feet is a lot thicker than on your body, it needs a hydrating product that can penetrate that skin. The Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream from Scholl is the perfect accompaniment to the Express Pedi but can also be used alone. With a lovely gentle scent, it has a lightweight texture that instantly melts into the skin, leaving feet feeling soft and supple. As promised, the cream really does absorb quickly in less than a minute and there is absolutely no tacky or greasy feeling left on the skin. Just a slick of this cream before popping on some socks and going to bed, will leave you with silky smooth feet in the morning.

Scholl footcare essentials Velvet Smooth Express Pedi essential moisture cream party feet gel inserts 1

The new Scholl Party Feet Gel Inserts have been in my shoes ever since I received them! The slim design makes them suitable for any flat shoes, high heels and boots and features two circular gel pads where you need the most support and cushioning – the heel and the ball of the foot as these are the areas where foot pain occurs most. The super soft micro-fibre lining makes them comfortable to wear, even when you’re barefoot in shoes and they are non slip, washable and reusable so a pair will last you a very long time.

Wearing shoes that give you great comfort and support is crucial to foot health and foot care but these three products are easy and affordable ways to look after your feet in any pair of shoes!


Have you tried any of these Scholl Foot Care products?

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