Bath and Body Works Is Coming To Australia! #bathandbodyworksau

One store’s products I’ve always lusted over after always spotting them in American YouTuber hauls is that of Bath and Body Works. If you like anything beautifully scented for your body or your home, then this is the store for you! Excitingly, Twitter is abuzz with news that Bath and Body Works Is Coming To Australia soon! Woohoo!

Bath and Body Works has announced that their first store will be located in the Domestic Terminal of Sydney Airport. UPDATE: The store is NOW OPEN!


bath and body works australia


Are you excited for this store to head down under?

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15 responses to “Bath and Body Works Is Coming To Australia! #bathandbodyworksau

  1. Although I’m super excited that they are finally coming to Australia, being a Melbourne gal I’m slightly disappointed that it’s Sydney… again. Haha. I suppose the fact that it’ll be in the airport makes it slightly easier for those of us to travel, but maybe more difficult to do a huge haul haha! Hopefully they have an online store too!

    • Extremely excited to hear about BB&W finally in Australia. I don’t care where it is in Australia as long as it is here! Postage has to be less than getting it from overseas or resorting to eBay because that’s the only place you can get stuff. However it is marked up considerably. Buying from USA online via PayPal and sending to warehouse where you have a USA address AND THEN getting it sent over here to Australia. Done this for a number of years was absolutely awesome when the exchange rate was good … Now not so much. Still buying though cause it’s absolutely worth it. Comment for jasminehustin- try living in Adelaide and finding out every awesome store in the northern hemisphere only comes to Sydney and Melbourne. Forget the other cities. Adelaide may as well not exist. The day ANYTHING comes to Adelaide from the rest of the world is a day to rejoice. When we learnt we were getting ikea (only one) but we can’t ask too much now, that was exciting. And do you know only in last year have they started to build Aldi stores. That’ll be novel. There are 4 going up around Adelaide right now. So count yourself lucky that you’re in a city where these fav overseas stores think of opening first and most of the time ever. Oh and we just got Krispy Kreme too only in the last year. Apparently a Lindt bar is opening but that’s only a rumor. I have waited for this day for a very long time. I’m just stoked to have a store in the same country as me.

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