Taking A Look At: Marc Jacobs Fragrances

One aspect of beauty I dont mind spending a little bit more money on is fragrances! I love collecting scents as I switch up the perfumes I wear to match the different seasons and of course, there are scents which are either more suited to the daytime or to night.

One brand that has always impressed me with their scents is Marc Jacobs. Not only are the scents beautiful but the design of each of the bottles is just as amazing!

marc jacobs perfume fragrance review daisy dream forever honey dot mod noir sephora exclusive

Marc Jacobs Honey EDP – With a name like Honey, you’d expect the scent to be really sweet but it is totally different! A perfect mix of floral, woody and citrus notes, this perfume definitely has a unique scent that you dont usually encounter when shopping for a perfume. Whilst the scent is light and fresh, making it perfect for Summer, it also has a lot of body to it so it will last well once applied and is quite strong in the way that it emits a lot of scent (even though the perfume itself is light smelling).

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever EDP* – This perfume is the one I’ve been reaching for the past few weeks because it’s absolutely perfect for this time of year. While it mainly features fruits such as blackberry, pear, fresh lychee and some soft florals, this fragrance is now one of my favourite fruity scents because it isn’t overly fresh and therefore, not too sweet. 5 – 10 mins after application, the scent really transforms and begins to have this lovely warmth to it, making it very inviting and helping it to last longer.

Marc Jacobs Dot EDP – A beautiful mix of fruity and floral, this scent is one I reach for during the Spring time. I’ve previously reviewed this perfume, so click here for a full review!

Marc Jacobs Mod Noir EDP  – Exclusive to Sephora stores, Mod Noir is the most fresh smelling out of all 4 and is definitely a sophisticated perfume. On application, it’s a heavy floral scent but as it wears, the floral does mellow down slightly to expose a musky base, making it a slightly more mature scent compared to Dot or Honey and though the notes do include fruit, I personally dont feel that they are detectable.  This scent is unfortunately not the longest lasting but with real classic elements, this scent will appeal to a wide audience of all ages.


Have you tried any Marc Jacobs perfumes?

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