The 9 Phases Of Shopping We’re All Familiar With

Today I thought I’d do a fun little post to share 9 different phases I experience during a shopping trip! Whether it’s the excitement of heading to a sale or contemplating whether you really need that item, we’ve probably shared the same thoughts!

The excitement of having a girl’s day out and going shopping with friends.


Accepting that shopping is an acceptable cardio workout for the week.


The urge to be one of the first people into the store on the first day of the sale to ensure what you want to buy is still in stock.


Seeing the product you’ve been lusting over online, finally in person and its just as spectacular as you’d imagined.


Adding the product you’ve been lusting over to your basket while other products just happen to fall into the basket too and so obviously, you have to buy those too.


Realising you really should’ve have bought all those items because a. you didn’t need them and b. you’re now very poor and cant afford lunch.


Brushing off the regret from buying too many items you didnt really need because you were good and put a lot of things back, only really purchasing a fraction of what was in your basket.


Getting home and feeling ecstatic over your purchases as you rip into them.


As a slight pang of regret over spending that much money creeps in, you realise you should be patting yourself on the back for stimulating the economy.


Have you experienced any of these feelings?

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