Taking A Look At: Lewin & Reilly Organic Skincare

With everyone becoming more and more conscious of what ingredients go into the products they use, there is one brand that prides itself on organic and wild harvested skincare. Lewin & Reilly are run by a husband and wife team who were inspired to start the brand during their honeymoon in the Cook Islands thanks to its wide array of botanical produce!

lewin & reilly believes in sourcing premium certified organic, wild harvested and biodynamic ingredients that are effective, ethically produced and from close-by. The Melbourne workshop we produce our creations in has a 5 star energy rating and harvests 30,000 litres of rainwater for personal, and lewin & reilly use.

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Pacific Blue Lavender & Kakadu Plum Women’s Face Tonic – This year, I’ve completely fallen in love with facial tonics and spritzs because of how effective and multi-purpose they are. Perfect to use a toner to refresh the skin and prep it for an application of moisturiser (leaving skin slightly damp from a toner will help your moisturiser penetrate the skin better), it can also be used on top of makeup for a natural and smoothing finish as well as to provide a burst of freshness and hydration, making it perfect for hot summer days. Unfortunately this variation of their Face Tonic is not available anymore but they do have a new Coconut Water & Kakadu Plum Face Tonic.

Jojoba & Kakadu Plum Women’s Face Cleansing OilWhen it comes to cleansing oils, I dont like the oil to be too heavy in texture but still want its potency to effectively cleanse the face and remove makeup and this product does just that. Packaged beautifully in the glass bottle with a pump for easy use, this cleansing oil is full of skin loving ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e and kakadu plum to help nourish the skin whilst you cleanse. The formula was easy to massage onto the face and it worked fantastically to remove dirt and grime from the day as well as makeup without stripping the skin at all! After washing the oil off, my skin felt very hydrated and smooth with a lovely glow.

Macadamia & White Cypress Women’s Face Cleansing CreamCream cleansers are perfect for those like me who suffer from dry skin as they’re less harsh than a foaming cleanser. Recommended to be used with a micro fibre cloth, I found with or without, this cleanser had a great texture and did a great job at effectively cleansing the skin. After gently working it over the face and washing it off, my skin was left looking and feeling clean and very fresh (it’s perfect to use in the mornings as a quick cleanse to prepare for the day). Once again, my skin didn’t feel stripped or have that uncomfortable squeaky clean feel.


What are some of your favourite organic skincare brands?

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