5 YouTube Videos To Watch This Week

I absolutely love YouTube for its wealth of knowledge on any topic you can think of! For today’s blog post, I’ve compiled my 5 favourite videos of the week to share with you all!


Lisa Eldridge is a world renowned professional makeup artist and is now Lancome’s makeup Creative Director. Her videos are always so professional, easy to follow and full of helpful tips and tricks. This week she tackled one of the hardest beauty aspects to master – picking the right nude lipstick shade.


Tati’s videos are usually the ones I first watch when I open my YouTube subscriptions because she does a fabulous array of content. Posting an amazing 5 days a week, her dupes videos are some of my favourites and although here in Australia we dont have access to all the products she shows, there are quite a few we can get our hands on.


Supermodel Karlie Kloss has started her own YouTube channel and it is amazing! She seems really down to earth and her videos are edited perfectly. For this week’s video, she teamed up with Vogue and some celebrity pals for this fun video.


Fleur’s channel is one I’ve been subscribed to for a very long time as I really like her personality and think that she’s stayed quite ‘real’ whereas many have changed after finding YouTube fame. I was really impressed with her book and this week, she announced that she will be releasing her own makeup range which consists of eye shadow quads and lip gloss/lipstick hybrids.


Caroline Hirons aka the Queen of Skincare has a wealth of knowledge and her videos are always so entertaining and easy to watch. I’ve gone out and purchased products based on her recommendations and I haven’t looked back! For this video, she teamed up with a Bobbi Brown MUA to create a super quick and easy smoky eye and the video is filled with tips.


Do you watch any videos from the lovely ladies above?

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