JetSet Gel Nail Starter Kit – Review

If you love wearing nail polish but hate that it seems to chip after only a few days wear, an at home gel manicure may be the way to go! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the JetSet Gel Nail Starter Kit.

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The kit comes with absolutely everything you need to apply and remove a gel manicure! Unlike others on the market which only provide a basic starter pack and require additional purchases, the JetSet Gel Nail Starter Kit comes complete with 3 shades, a base coat, top coat, LED lamp, a nail buffer, nail file, remover solution, foil padded wraps and a metal remover tool!

With easy to follow instructions, the kit is very easy to use, even if you’re a nail polish novice. Although the process does take some time as you do need to cure the polish under the lamp, the result of chip free nails for 2 weeks is well worth the extra time spent using a gel nail system.

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The lamp features 3 timed setting, ranging from 30 seconds to 90 seconds and with a recommended cure time of 2 minutes for each layer of polish, you do need to remember to go back for additional curing (i.e pressing the 90s button for an initial curing and then the 30s button to complete the required 2 minutes of total curing), however, I have been told by the brand that they are looking to upgrade their lamps to feature a 2 minute button for easy use.

The polishes have an easy to apply texture and once cured, produce a gorgeous smooth and glossy finish without feeling heavy on the nail. You are also able to build up the opacity of the polish by applying a double layer. Removal is also fuss free as the removal solution and padded foil wraps are provided in the set!

JetSet Gel Nail Starter Kit - Review swatches

I found that my nails stayed chip free for a week and a half before minor chipping and some wear and tear appeared at the ends of my nails but I was really happy with the results from this kit as my nails maintained that smooth and glossy gel appearance throughout the 2 weeks of wear. After the easy removal process, I didn’t find that my nails were damaged in any way either which was fantastic as some gel nail colours are very hard to remove. lush (2)

The JetSet Gel Nail Starter Kit retails for $119.95 and can be purchased from the JetSet Gel website or hardtofind.


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