With many people going away this holiday season, I thought it was the perfect time to share with you some in flight beauty tips provided by a flight attendant!

After working on 15-16 hour flights for years, Margaret Lai, Flight Purser at Cathay Pacific has discovered some travel beauty tips and tricks to ensure you land at your final destination looking your best.


Be Choosy About What You Eat & Drink
Holidays are for indulging but for the sake of your skin, steer clear of unhealthy choices at the airport and on your flight. Don’t be tempted by the alcohol menu or the packets of salty chips available on board. Both can dehydrate your body and skin. Eat before you leave for the airport and pack your own healthy snacks. Make water your only drink of choice and hydrate pre, during and after the flight.

Pack Your Favourite Moisture Boosters
Don’t be put off by the 100mL limit. Most beauty brands offer travel size products, meaning you can pack them in your carry on for easy access inflight. If not, you can always purchase sample size bottles and fill them with your favourite products. Opt for a rich moisturiser, hand cream and hydration sheet mask for the plane.

Don’t Forget Other Beauty Necessities
On top of moisture boosters, make sure you pack other beauty essentials to help you tackle inflight conditions. For example, when ques to the bathroom are long, makeup wipes work a dream to help you freshen up in your seat. It’s also worthwhile to note that the air in the cabin can make your skin feel tight and dry, resulting in excess oil production. So even those who don’t have oily skin can benefit from bringing blotting paper. SPF is also essential as being inflight doesn’t make you less prone to harmful UV rays – especially if you’ve picked a window seat.

Go Bare & Let Your Skin Breathe
Avoid wearing makeup on the plane. Go bare and allow your skin to rest and breathe. This will also allow you to top up on moisturiser easily throughout the flight. If you must wear makeup, only choose one feature to highlight and keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum.

Pamper Your Skin
Treat your skin to some serious pampering inflight so that you land with a glowing complexion. Start off with a hydration sheet mask for an instant boost of moisture. Then apply a rich face cream to seal in the moisture. If you have extra dry skin, add a rosehip oil or serum to the mix. For soft and smooth hands, apply a rich hand cream and slip on cotton gloves.

Beat The Bloat
Ever get off a flight feeling bloated? Avoid the discomfort by increasing your circulation inflight. Stay hydrated and get up once every two hours to walk around, perhaps back and forth to the bathroom.

Sleep Your Way To Glowing Skin
No amount of makeup or skincare can replace the beauty benefits that comes from a good shut-eye. If you’re a light sleeper, pack an eye mask and ear plugs or noise cancelling ear phones. Both work wonders when you have a crying baby on board or if your neighbour’s reading light is on. Pick silk eye masks over cotton, to help decrease the crinkles you get from sleeping. If all else fails, try spritzing your face with a soothing lavender spray to help you doze off.

A big thank you to Margaret for sharing her in flight beauty tips and hopefully these tricks will help you next time you travel!

What are your top travel beauty tips?

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