15 Things I Learned In 2015

Today’s post is a bit more personal/lifestyle oriented as I’m sharing 15 things I learned or discovered in 2015!

15 things i learned in 2015

  1. Red lipstick is my go to for any big occasion.
  2. Uni can be so stressful at times and even after all the complaining about being stressed, you realise it’s worth it in the end.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone, even if you’re apprehensive (you’ll be seeing more lifestyle and fashion based posts on the blog!).
  4. Seeing someone bid on your Ebay auction is weirdly satisfying!
  5. How to use a MacBook (I was always a Windows girl!).
  6. It’s okay to let friends go if you realise they aren’t your friends anymore.
  7. Pixi Glow Tonic is so worth the hype!
  8. Slow walkers should speed up or walk to the side so other people can get to where they need to go fast without having to get stuck behind them or weave in and out.
  9. Sleep ins are the best.
  10. That I should say ‘yes’ to more things in life.
  11. The difference between macarons and macaroons.
  12. That I strongly favour Instagram over Twitter or Facebook but will try and be equally active on all social media channels in 2016.
  13. The Candy Crush games are so addictive.
  14. Online shopping may send me broke. (I spent way too much on the Boxing Day sales!)
  15. When I find a song I love, I listen to it on repeat until I don’t like it anymore.


What’s something you learned in 2015?

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