Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit – Review

With Summer in full swing, this product is the perfect hair removal tool to leave your legs, underarms and bikini line hair free and smooth. The Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit is an easy to use professional quality, at home waxing kit. The box comes with all you need – warming pod and lid, spatula, instructions and 6 wax discs – to achieve a salon like wax at home!

What are the benefits of using Veet Spawax?

No strips are required – it is stripless wax.
Long-lasting smoothness for up to 28 days.
The wax removes hairs as short as 2mm.
The ideal temperature is maintained throughout the session.
Enjoy a pampering spa experience at home.

Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit - Review

The system is easy to use as you simply plug in the warmer, add in the wax discs and wait 20-30 mins (depending on how many wax discs you’ve chosen to melt) for the wax to become a pliable, melted consistency. The warmer itself lights up in pink when on and the wax smells absolutely gorgeous so it really helps create a salon atmosphere at home. I did however note one issue and that is the electrical cable is quite loose when you plug it into the warmer. I eventually got the plug it in securely but a little tape was needed to ensure it didn’t loosen during use.

I found that it look a little bit of practice to get the thickness of the wax just right ( so that once it sets you’re able to pull it off) but once you do, the waxing process is quick and easy. As the wax is temperature controlled, it never feels too hot and once you apply a strip to the body, it doesn’t take too long for the wax to harden (30 – 60 seconds) so that you can then pull it off.

Once pulled off, I was pleasantly surprised that it was able to remove about 95% of the hair and there was very minimal (if at all) any wax left on the skin (but you can easily remove it with some baby or coconut oil). Going over any missed parts was not a problem and the whole process was pain free, quick, easy and comfortable as I was able to do it at home! I loved the no fuss approach as there were no strips needed.

One thing I did notice was that I went through quite a few wax discs to completely wax both legs, however I do think it’s a lot more economical to do it at home with a kit like this, as opposed to going to a salon! Because of the temperature control, the wax is always at the perfect consistency when the device is on so if you take a little longer, there are no issues and you dont need to reheat the wax as you would with other at home heated wax formulas.

I’m thoroughly impressed with the kit and the results it yielded. If you’re someone who is looking for an easy to use, at home hair removal system to keep hair at bay, this kit is the way to go!

The Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit retails for $59.99 and is available from Priceline.


What’s your preferred method of hair removal?

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