At Home Pamper Routine / Pre-Event Beauty Preparations

Whether you want to unwind after long and stressful week or are looking to do some beauty prep before a big event, I’m sharing some of my favourite products and steps in this post!

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One thing that instantly gets me relaxed is having a candle lit. I’ve just finished Tahaa so I’m beginning to burn the Glasshouse Candle in Coney Island (Burnt Sugar and Fig) and it is a lovely softer scent (compared to Tahaa) that perfumes the room beautifully and really helps you unwind.

Jumping into a shower/bath is the next step I take, whether I’m looking to pamper myself or to prep myself before a big event. After the usual washing/cleansing, I like to give my body a good scrub with the Estelle and Thild Spring Rose Blonde Body Scrub which is a floral sugar scrub which helps buff away dead skin cells and helps prep the skin for shaving. The scrub isn’t too abrasive but you can really feel it working and once washed off, your skin feels fresh, smooth and hydrated.

A new addition to my shower is the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle which features the classic Schick Hydro Silk Razor (which I love – it’s my favourite razor because of the hydrating element and it gives the closest shave!) as well as a new electric 4 length waterproof bikini trimmer which helps you take care of your bikini line (or more!) in a flash. It’s a great shower staple to have as it’ll take care of all your hair removal with a close shave and leave your skin silky smooth.

Once out, it’s time to moisturise and I admit, I need to do this more often as sometimes I do get a little lazy! I’m currently using the Sephora Collection Mango Body Cream which smells amazing and has a lovely, light texture that absorbs into the skin well, both hydrating and smoothing as it does.

A face mask is a must when beauty prepping for a big event or for a night of pampering! I like to keep the Lonvitalite Collagen & Gold Plumping Lip Mask and 24K Collagen & Gold Eye Masks in the fridge before application so once on, they’re cooling and de-puffing. These masks are so easy to apply and provide a lovely boost of hydration, helping your skin become the perfect base for skincare or makeup. If you suffer from under eye concealer looking dry and cakey and you have somewhere to go to where you will be photographed, try using these eye masks!

I’ve had the Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask for quite a while and I was unsure of it for a bit but I’ve found that it works best on my skin as an overnight mask which I apply before bed and then sleep in. As an immediate mask, I didn’t see much of a difference, perhaps because my skin is more on the drier side of things but using it overnight, I can definitely see the difference it makes once I wake up! It leaves my skin looking plump and fresh with a smooth texture.

When it comes to nails, the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System is a new gadget I’ve been trying out recently and it is so quick and easy to use for both hands and feet. The 2 speed electronic nail device comes with 3 heads (file, buff and polish) to get your nails perfectly shaped and shiny. The vibrating file may feel a little odd at first but you quickly become used to it and it really does a great job with little pressure needed to be applied. It’s the perfect tool to use to perfect bare nails or prep them for some nail polish.

Another new release I’ve been putting to the test is the Rimmel London Super Gel Nail Polishes. If you’ve been a long time reader, you’d know just how much I love lamp-less gel nail polishes. While I like the colours and their formula, I’m not the biggest fan of the Gel Top Coat as I found that it dries on the brush quite quickly and can get a bit stringy (if that makes sense!). It didn’t have the longest wear time either so I would suggest using another top coat to seal in the colour.

I like to wind down with a good book and I cannot recommend Face Paint: The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge enough! If you love makeup and want to delve in a little deeper into the backstory and history, then this is the book for you. It is beautifully written and the images are fabulous which makes this book so easy to read, being both entertaining and educational.


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