For Day 4 of the huge week of giveaways, Yoobi (a brand with an amazing initiative) have provided a huge prize pack!

The winner of this giveaway will receive the pictured products:

yoobi tried and tested blog giveaway

To enter to win, CLICK HERE to be redirected to a Rafflecopter widget so you can get your entries in! Good Luck!


tried and tested blogger

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  1. To be honest I had not heard of the brand before. I love all the wonderful colours that would surely brighten my work space 🙂

  2. I love that the brand really cares about the kids using their products. Supporting the Smith Family is a great incentive for me to want to purchase from them for when my daughter starts school next year! x

  3. What a great initiative, we support The Smith Family and have done so for over a decade now, it’s so rewarding getting updates from our kids.

  4. Yoobi is has a range of colourful, vibrant and cute stationary items! They are great to use and are of very high quality!

  5. Love the vibrancy of the Yoobi stationery range for young or old, like a candy store of stationery!

  6. I love the bright colours – they brighten up the office and make homework/study less of a dismal chore!

  7. My favourite aspect of the Yoobi products is the wonderful quality. It’s great knowing that something will last.

  8. I would absolutely love these funky bits and bobs to take to work!!! Stationery is the what makes working in an office fun!!! My day will be filled with smiles picking which bright, rad stationery itdm to play (i mean work ) with next! Lol

  9. I love how creative and colourful the items from Yoobi are…they would brighten up any study…I have never heard of the brand before either.

  10. I love that for every item we buy , yoobi donates one item to a yoobi classroom pack & finally donate them to the kids who are in real need so that every child gets the opportunity to learn and have the stationary supplies.

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