Babyliss Paris Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device – Review

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I’m excited to bring you this post with Babyliss Paris as I’ve been putting their Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device to the test over the last few months.Babyliss Paris Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device review 1

For those of you not familiar with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), it is a hair removal method that utilises optical energy. The device releases gentle flashes of light that target the melanin and root of the hair follicle. This flash of light turns into heat (when it targets hair – your skin remains cool during the session), causing the hair to go into the resting phase, which stops its growth and leads to hair re-growth being weakened and hairs shedding naturally!

With over 15 years of global clinical testing, IPL is quite a well-known hair removal method and Babyliss Paris have adapted the same technology used by professional salons to produce their device which provides safe, painless and long lasting results you can achieve at home. There are a lot of features and benefits of the Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device which I have definitely experienced from my use of the machine.


The Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device is incredibly easy to use and there are 2 variable control settings with easy-to-use flash activation. The first is the ‘FAST’ setting which produces a continuous flash (of up to 36 flashes per minute) which is perfect for larger areas of the body, including the legs, arms, back and chest. The ‘PRECISE’ setting allows you to manually produce the flashes for a more precise and controlled treatment, particularly for smaller, sensitive areas, like the underarm, face and bikini line as well as areas of stubborn regrowth. This setting works well with the included Sensitive Area Filter Attachment, which provides less intensity and a smaller surface to treat areas on the face, underarm and bikini line. With a precision skin contact sensor and 3cm² application surface, the device provides a quick hair removal method while the integrated optical filter protects the skin from UV rays for safe at-home use (wave lengths > 550 nanometres).


The device itself does not require any replacement bulbs or maintenance* as the Quartz Technology used provides 300,000 flashes. This means you only pay a one off purchase price for the device and don’t have to worry about any other additional costs, working out to be much cheaper than continous in-salon hair removal treatments. The Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device has also been clinically and dermatologically tested for proven effectiveness with a 90% reduction in hair**. When using the device, there’s no need for daily shaving or waxing either!

A removable skin tone guide is housed on the back of the device and can be placed on your body to find your best skin tone match which will determine the most effective level of light intensity needed. Catering to most skin tones, the C5 level light intensity selection guide covers Phototypes l to V°. The device itself has been ergonomically designed and is comfortable to use, being lightweight.Babyliss Paris Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device review 2The BaByliss Homelight App Personalised Treatment Coach helps you manage all your at-home IPL treatments, in the one place! The BaByliss Homelight App^ is free from the App Store and Google Play (It can be used on mobile phones, iPads or tablets). Simply search for ‘Homelight’ and it should be the first app that appears. Once downloaded, you can connect the Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device to the app via Bluetooth.

The app allows you to plan and complete your personalised treatments for each area you plan to use the device. The app asks you a series of questions, including the last time you were exposed to the sun, whether this is your first session, if any product has been applied to your skin and if you are suffering from any skin irritations. This allows the app to take note of these factors, making suggestions and providing precautions to give you the safest, customised treatment possible.

During the session, the app will also manage the number of flashes per treatment, which is particularly helpful if you are using the manual, ‘Precise’ setting. Once you complete the session, it will be noted on the app and your next follow up treatment will be scheduled with a time and date, alongside a calendar notification to make sure you stay organised with the sessions.Babyliss Paris Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device review

I was definitely excited to give the Homelight Connected IPL Hair Removal Device a go as I had looked into salon treatments as well as at-home devices in the past but with so many on the market, it was hard to decide which one to go for, with pros and cons for both.

However, each treatment with this device costs less than a cup of coffee(!), making it a much more affordable option to in-salon treatments, without compromising on the final result. The device can be used on both women and men, also making it a worthwhile investment if you decide to share the device with a friend or family member.

Having quite fair skin but dark hair, I was confident that I would be able to see some really good results with the device. As this was my first time having any sort of IPL treatment, I chose to focus on my underarms and was slightly nervous about the pain and any after treatment reactions but I didn’t experience either!

The device will only omit a flash if the whole application surface of the device is in contact with skin. Also included in the box is a pair of safety glasses which should be used when treating the face but I also used the glasses when treating my underarms, just as an extra precaution.

After completing a test patch on my leg (on level 1) a few days before my underarms session, with no after effects, I began the session on my shaved underarms on the recommended power level 3, using the ‘Precise’ setting. However, I switched to level 2 after I felt level 3 was a little too strong, particuarly for someone like me who had never had any IPL previously. With each flash, I did experience a warm feeling alongside a light prick sensation, which wasn’t painful for me, though each person is different, depending on their skin tone, hair type and pain threshold!

I found applying some pressure onto the skin helped create a clear indent on the skin, which helped me guide the device and make sure I did not treat the same area twice in one session. The device is light and easy to hold, particularly when treating the underarms and the device allowed me to treat each underarm in about one minute.

Directly after completing the session on my underarms, they were left slightly red but not feeling too sore unless pressure was applied directly, though this feeling subsided a few hours later.

I’ve since now completed a few treatments on my underarms and legs (the first 4 sessions should be 2 weeks apart) and can say that I have seen results, which I will discuss soon!


*300,000 flashes is equivalent to 50 complete 1-year treatment programs for one person using the G940A IPL.

**90% reduction in the amount of hair observed on average on legs after 8 sessions. Clinical study carried out in 2013 on 49 woman with phototypes  I to V. Men’s hair, especially chest hair, may require more sessions to achieve the desired results. Hair length, hair thickness and hormones can affect results.

^BaByliss Homelight App for IOS and Android mobile devices is free on the App Store and Google Play, however data will be required to download. Check with your mobile service provider for data rates before downloading.