FOREO LUNA 2 Cleansing & Anti-Aging Device – REVIEW

If you’re looking for a cleansing device that has it all and even acts as an anti-aging device, you need to try the FOREO Luna 2!


If you’re unfamiliar with the FOREO line, the brand produces a range of waterproof silicon cleansing and anti-aging devices as well as toothbrushes and more.

One of the latest additions to the expanding range, the FOREO Luna 2 comes in 4 variations, depending on your skin type: Normal, Combination, Sensitive and Oily, as well as one especially designed for men’s skin. Each variation features a different silicon body design to ensure it’s the most effective design for your skin type and comes in a different shade. Each device comes with a travel touch, 10 year guarantee and USB charging cord.

LUNA™ 2 cleansing and antiaging device deeply cleanses with up to 8,000 T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations per minute channeled through silicone touch-points. It smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles with lower-frequency pulsations—leaving skin looking and feeling radiant, firmer, and more elastic while helping to improve absorption of your favorite skin care products. – Sephora

I’ve been trialing the FOREO Luna 2 for Combination skin (for reference, I have combination-dehydrated skin) and it has become one of my favourite beauty discoveries! For me, there are quite a few standout features with this device.

The first is that the compact design is really comfortable to hold within the hand and is perfect to travel with as it is easy to take with you and I love that the bottom section is completely flat so the device can stand up! It’s also completely waterproof and safe to use in the bath, shower or over the sink.

Because there’s no traditional ‘brush head’ like what you’d find with a cleansing brush, this device is easy to maintain as there’s no need to purchase a replacement brush head, saving you money (although I do understand this device is an investment, the total cost over the life of the device can often work out to be cheaper than buying a cleansing brush that requires replacement heads). Made from silicon, the device also maintains itself in a hygienic state and wont harbour dirt and bacteria within its bristles.

Depending on how deep a clean you prefer, the tolerance of your skin and what type of cleanser you’re using, there are 12 intensities to choose from so you can customise your cleanse and each full charge is said to last 450 uses! I’ve tried the device on a number of settings and each has been very gentle on the skin, causing no irritation but providing an effective cleanse.foreo-luna-2-review-combination-normal-senstitive-oil-skin-cleansing-brush-device-1

For makeup free days, I use the device in the first step of my skincare routine but on the days that I wear makeup, I use the device in my second cleansing routine (I remove my makeup manually with my hands in the first cleanse). Although the silicon bristles look too thick to penetrate skin and pores, it finds a way (through the sonic pulses) to provide such a deep cleaning, removing all the dirt, grime and oil from the day, particularly from my t-zone where I do suffer from some oiliness and blackheads.

I lather my cleanser and apply it to my face before wetting the FOREO Luna 2, turning it on and working around the face in circular motions for one minute (the device provides buzzing signals to notify you when you should move onto the next area of your face and when the 1 minute is up). After each cleanse my skin feels really clean, refreshed and although it doesn’t say it is an exfoliating device, I find that the circular motions during cleansing do help buff and smooth the skin. Over the many weeks of use, I do think that it has helped unclog pores and reduce the appearance of blackheads. I would recommend trying out different cleansers with this device as I found some lighter cream cleansers didn’t provide the amount of slip I prefer between the skin and the device.


The anti-aging part of the device is located on the other side of the cleansing bristles with a sequential ring design. Being only 22, I can’t say if this feature can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, however, I have found it to really stimulate the skin and get the blood flowing, preparing it to better absorb any skincare you apply after cleansing.

Overall, I think the FOREO Luna 2 is definitely a device worth looking into as although it performs differently to other cleansing devices through its sonic pulsation and silicon design, it performs much better and is well worth the investment!

The FOREO Luna 2 range is available from Activeskin, who also offer the mini version of the device.


Are you a fan of cleansing brush devices?

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