Hourglass Cosmetics GIRL Lip Stylo Collection – Review & Swatches

‘GIRL, four letters that can change the world’.

Launching on Feb 28 at MECCA stores and online, the Hourglass Cosmetics GIRL Lip Stylo collection is a stunning range of lip shades with a beautiful philosophy behind it. With inspiring names behind each of the shades – Leader, Warrior, Activist and Dreamer – the range aims to recognise, motivate and inspire yourself and the women of the world, ‘a reminder that we are all catalysts for good’.


Formulated with jojoba, sunflower seed, shea butter and mimosa, the GIRL Lip Stylos deliver on application, pigmentation and overall feel. With a twist up crayon mechanism, the lip colours are shaped for easy application.

The hydrating formula is beautifully creamy and balm like, whilst still delivering on high levels of pigmentation and a light feel that lasts hours on the lips. With just a swipe or two, the formula delivers on deep colour that feels beautifully soft and light on the lips. The hydrating crayons leave the lips looking supple and plump, with the colour lasting well as the hours pass. The more coloured shades (brights, reds and darker shades) leave a stain on the lips, allowing them to wear off quite evenly.


Here’s a description of all 20 shades, from the Hourglass Cosmetics website:

  • Peacemaker – peachy nude
  • Idealist – honey nude
  • Futurist – mauve nude
  • Believer – peachy beige
  • Dreamer – peachy pink
  • Creator – soft pink nude
  • Seeker – pinky rose
  • Activist – neutral rose
  • Achiever – deep mauve
  • Influencer – deep rose beige
  • Inventor – soft rose
  • Explorer – soft pink coral
  • Leader – vivid fuchsia
  • Lover – vibrant red orange
  • Innovator – neutral red
  • Icon® – blue red
  • Visionary – brick red
  • Protector – rich berry
  • Liberator – deep berry
  • Warrior – deep plum

All of the shades are pigmented and share the same luxurious, creamy finish once applied onto the lips. Some of the darker shades applied slightly patchier than others (Achiever and Warrior), though this wasn’t a big issue as it could be smoothed over. I’ve really enjoyed mixing some of the shades together and my current favourite combination is Activist and Influencer.hourglass-cosmetics-girl-lip-stylo-collection-review-swatches-idealist-activist-creator-protector-pacemaker-influencer-explorer-lover-dreamer-seeker-leader-innovator-acheiver-warrior-inventor-icon-warI’m completely in love with this range. The quality of the product is exceptional and you can feel that through the packaging, application and wear of the product. They are well worth a try once they launch!

To join the GIRL Lip Stylo movement, you can upload a picture of yourself and select your GIRL shade to create your custom image.


Will you be picking up one of the GIRL Lip Stylo shades?

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