About Me And The Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m in my third year of uni, studying a demanding double degree in Sydney, Australia.

This blog serves as a platform to share my love of all things beauty, lifestyle and fashion with you all. I’m always on the lookout for quality products and exciting new releases onto the market and so from this blog, I will be posting about everything and anything beauty, lifestyle and fashion related. From reviews on items that I love to posting about new product releases, hauls, the latest industry related news and everything in between!

Integrity is of the utmost importance to me on this blog and as such, all opinions on this site will be my own honest and personal opinions.

10 responses to “About Me And The Blog

  1. Hi there, I follow your blog for a while now. Just a quick question if that is ok? I noticed that you don’t really disclose your name or image. Are you doing this for privacy reasons? The reason I ask is that I am thinking to start a blog as a hobby. However, I work in the skin care industry which makes very hard to review skin care products especially when I need to rave about other company’s products. I thought about not to use my real name and not to use my own image but I feel that may not connect with people as much. Any advice on this?
    Thank you

    • Hi Grace! Thanks for following the blog!

      Not a problem, that’s a great question! Umm, I don’t do it for privacy reasons per se, I’m not paranoid about having my name or image on the internet, haha. I’m just a plain Jane Uni student and I don’t work in the industry or for any beauty brand. The reason why I don’t is just because nobody in my life actually knows I blog and I have a very very unique first and last name and if I sign off my with name, everyone will immediately know its me. I’m just not comfortable as of yet to let them know that I blog 🙂 Also, I find it nice to split up my blogging life and my personal life and writing as ‘triedandtestedblogger’ definitely helps with that. It also allows for easier upkeep with social media as the blog has its own Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts not connected to my personal ones. In saying that, any enquiries I receive about the blog via email, I always sign off with my real name as I think it’s much more professional.

      My situation is obviously a bit different to yours and I can see why it is such a dilemma! In regards to not connecting with people much, I don’t think I struggle with this on the blog (hopefully!) but I think what’s most important is to have your own voice and convey your personality and enthusiasm through your writing. Just doing that will allow you to connect with so many people, whether they be fellow bloggers or just readers of your blog. As long as your passionate about what you’re writing about, this will flow into your words and your readers will see that! You obviously want to create this blog as a hobby because you have a deep interest in beauty or skincare specifically so definitely try not to be nervous about reviewing other brands because being honest about your opinions in posts is obviously the most important thing! While the company who work for or are affiliated with might not be too happy (if they ever discover your blog), your readers will really appreciate your ability to separate yourself from that brand and review an extensive range of brands.

      For your name/image situation, I would say you could definitely disclose your first name as Grace is a common name and wont distinctively identify you. In terms of an image, you don’t necessary need an image on the blog and for social media display pictures, you could use the Blog’s header/banner/logo as the image instead! If you don’t like that idea and would prefer an image, then I would probably suggest using an image off the internet if that’s what makes you feel the most comfortable!

      Sorry for the long answer but I really hope this has helped you! Feel free to email me at tried_tested@hotmail.com if you have any more questions! xxx

  2. Great advice! I also had the dilemma of not wanting to show pictures of myself. I wanted to be completely incognito because I’m quite a private person in the real world, and not many people know I hsve a blog either! But in the end I decided it was important to at least put my first name out there. I also provide my full name behind the scenes when working with brands because it is definitely more professional. You’ll figure out what works best for you. But I totally agree that your voice and uniqueness will have to shine through your writing, more than anything else!

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