Favourites Of The Week!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well! This week seems to have flown by and I cannot believe another semester of Uni begins tomorrow. I feel as though I didnt do anything significant in my break but on the other hand, it was great to do nothing :).

favourites of the week

1. Killer Queen by Katy Perry – Although I love sweeter scents, I opt for something a little bit stronger and Killer Queen is one of my favourites! I don’t actively seek out celebrity fragrances, nor do I shun them but I now own every scent by Katy Perry! I absolutely love her perfumes and they last really well on me.

2. Arbonne Golden Coast Palette – I’ve been trialling this palette the past week and am really enjoying it. It includes a beautiful mix of neutral shimmery shades (which I love!) and they apply well. I’ll have a full review later in the week.

3. Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan –  LOVING THIS SONG! Troye Sivan is an amazingly talented individual who found fame on YouTube but he’s also an Actor and now Singer and I cannot wait for his full EP to be released.


What have your favourites been this week? Leave a comment below!


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That’s all for now,
triedandtestedblogger XOXO