Sally Hansen ‘Miracle Gel’ 2 Step Gel Manicure – Review

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Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a product I think is a must have this holiday season! The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a 2 step gel manicure system that requires only a colour coat and a special top coat and promises ‘up to 14 days of colour and shine’ as well as easy removal and I can definitely say that this product delivers on all that is promised! sally hansen miracle gel nail polishesWhat I really love about this product is just how simple it is to use as it’s the same process you would use to apply any other nail polish in your collection but the results in terms of shine, how long it stays chip free, overall wear and removal makes it a great choice for any nail polish lover, even those who devote themselves to in salon gel manicures.

There are 2 simple steps to follow when using this product:

STEP 1 – COLOUR: Start with clean, dry nails. No base coat needed. Apply 2 coats of MIRACLE GEL™ COLOUR then let touch dry. For lighter shades you can apply 3 coats for more impact.

STEP 2 – TOP COAT: Apply 1 coat of MIRACLE GEL™ TOP COAT to activate the curing. Let natural light do the rest. Remove with your regular nail polish remover.

sally hansen miracle gel nail polishes (2)The consistency of the polish itself is neither too thick or too thin and paired with the Sally Hansen nail polish brush that is wide and flat, application is quick and easy with simply just three strokes down each nail (per coat). I was able to get an opaque, streak free finish with all the polishes in just 2 coats and the trick is to apply an even coat and let the first coat dry before applying the second. Before applying the Miracle Gel Top Coat, allow your colour coats to dry well as the Miracle Gel Top Coat can slightly drag the nail polish and cause a light brush indent if the colour coats are not dry to touch.

I’m personally not heavy on my hands as I dont do any harsh cleaning or jobs so I find that the Miracle Gel lasts on my nails very well. At the 7 day point, my nails are still shiny and chip free and I find that I only start to develop a slight chip or two and a bit of wear on the tips of my nails after the 1 week mark. Even at 14 day of wear, the polish still looks very wearable with only some small chips that can definitely be patched up if you need a quick fix up and the shine from the top coat lasts well on the nails even after a week or two! Removal is as easy and hassle free as removing a non gel nail polish.sally hansen miracle gel nail polishes (3)

Birthday Suit, Street Flair*, Tidal Wave*, Malibu Peach*, Dig Fig* and Greyfitti*

I’ve been so impressed with this product and would highly recommend it to everyone and I think the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels would be a great nail polish choice this festive party season! There are currently 18 shades available so you’re bound to find one you love and I think Dig Fig is a gorgeous deep red festive colour. They wear so well so there’s really no need to worry about chips or touch ups before attending any parties. For the price, they are a great alternative to an in salon gel manicure and so much easier and faster to do than an at home gel manicure system that requires curing under a UV/LED light and removal of those types of polishes can really damage the nails.

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colours and Top Coat (both $16.95) can be purchased from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and other Sally Hansen stockists. There are also 9 Duo Packs containing 1 colour and 1 top coat available for $19.95 (which is a great bargain and a perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas!).


Have you tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels?

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