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Now I know a lot of people aren’t really a fan of celebrity perfumes as quite a few share that generic ‘celeb scent’ or that they dont last long but I have long been a fan of Katy Perry’s scents! Her first fragrances of Purr and Meow were staples of mine during high school and almost became a signature as my friends could almost smell me coming as the perfumes just worked so well on my skin and lasted amazingly throughout the day whilst being very affordable as they’re often on sale!

Likewise, her Killer Queen line of fragrances which contains 4 scents – Killer Queen, Royal Revolution, Killer Queen Oh So Sheer & Spring Reign has also become a favourite and I own 3 of the 4. I personally really love the range of scents, from the sweeter Killer Queen Oh So Sheer, floral Spring Reign to the more mature Killer Queen. These scents last all day on me and I always get a compliment or two when wearing them and most of the time people are shocked that it is a celebrity perfume!

katy perry killer queen perfumes

Killer Queen – This was the first fragrance released from the line and the first that I purchased and I fell in love with its stronger, more Winter like scent as I was looking for a more affordable scent for the colder months (to help stretch out the life of my Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume) and this is a great alternative! It’s warm and inviting and has a great mix of spice, musk and sweetness. It’s definitely the most mature scent in the Killer Queen line of fragrances.

Killer Queen Oh So Sheer – This scent is fruity and sweet and along the same lines as Purr and Meow but slightly more muted and a bit more mature than the 2! I bought this in mind as a Summer scent as it’s light and fresh whilst still being quite fun and perfect for daily use. I really like that after application it really mellows down and loses a bit of the sweetness whilst maintaining it’s longevity on the skin. This scent is the most youthful in the line.

Spring Reign* – The latest scent to join the line is a great all year round fragrance with a rose gold cap. I’d put it between Killer Queen and Killer Queen Oh So Sheer in terms of scent. It isn’t too mature and overly strong but isn’t as sweet and youthful which makes it a perfect gift for a wide range of ages. It’s very much a floral scent with notable woody hits that isn’t too heavy and I think it really does appeal to a lot of people! I’ve received quite a few compliments since I’ve begun wearing it.


The Katy Perry Killer Queen fragrance line can be purchased from Myer, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and select pharmacies nationally.


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