The Best Hand Creams For Every Occasion

For me, hand creams are a product that are definitely underestimated because they do truly make a difference, even if you dont suffer from dry or tight hands. I’ve rounded up 5 of my favourite hand creams for every occasion you can think of.

Whether you’re looking for an intense, treatment like hand cream, one to use during the day or one that provides you with some sort of protection, I’ve shared my recommendations below!

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Intense Overnight Hydration – If you suffer from extremely dry hands, this Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream is the one for you because the hydration it provides really does last! I received a sample of this product quite a while ago but since then, I’ve actually purchased 2 more tubes because it really is that amazing! It’s extremely hydrating whilst still maintaining an easy to blend in, light texture that leaves no uncomfortable residue on the skin.

In The Mornings – Not many people really think about protecting their hands from the sun even though they apply SPF to their face and body and that’s why this new QV Hand Cream with SPF15* is perfect! Introduced to celebrate 40 years of the QV brand, the hand cream is light, easy to work into the hands and provides an instant hit of hydration. The addition of SPF also protects you from the sun’s harmful rays during the day and will help reduce the chance of aging factors such as sunspots and wrinkles from forming.

Out and About – While applying hand cream may not be at the top of your list while you’re out, this Lanolips Hand Cream with Antibacterial is a great option to have with you. The slim and sleek tube makes it the perfect product to throw into your handbag so that you’re able to treat dry hands wherever you are and the antibacterial element will kill 99% of germs.

During The Day – If you’re hard on your hands during the day and have rough skin as a result, the Springfield’s Jojoba Intensive Hand Cream* is a lovely choice as it’s organic jojoba oil formula helps heal the skin whilst absorbing the hydration deep into the skin to provide lasting results. This hand cream absorbs well into the skin, leaving hands smooth and moisturised without a heavy feeling.

The Multi Tasker – If you’re not one for hand creams or cant justify purchasing one, you might like the Weleda Skin Food*. A cream for dry and rough skin, it can be applied anywhere on the body and provides a whole host of benefits to the skin, not only hydration. The 100% natural formula helps soothe rough skin, boost dull complexions, calm the skin and protect it from the elements. It’s the perfect multi-tasker that can be used on the whole family.


What are your favourite hand creams?

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