Australia’s Latest Beauty Subscription Box – The Parcel by Marie Claire & Girlfriend Magazine

Hi everyone,

Recently, I was informed about a new beauty subscription box that will enter the Australian market very soon and I have to say, I think it’s going to be one of the best ones in the market, judging from all the information currently available.

the parcel girfriend marie claire magazine

The Parcel is the latest offering to all beauty lovers in Australia. With a option to choose between The Parcel by Marie Claire (can be purchased now) and The Parcel by Girlfriend (registrations of interest are open now), the box promises deluxe samples, hand picked by the editors of the magazines. The currently available to be purchased, The Parcel by Marie Claire, is a seasonal box (4 boxes per year) priced at $25 each, with discounts if you subscribe annually or take out an annual subscription to the box and their magazine.

the parcel subscription box

Their first box, The Spring Edit will be sent out to subscribers in October and is said to contain over $100 worth of  deluxe samples from the ‘must have, new season buys’ from some of the largest and well known beauty brands, including: Lancome, OPI and Benefit Cosmetics. Your subscription also comes will a free, cancel anytime policy.

the parcel subscription box marie claireI personally think that this box sounds so exciting and definitely worth the $25 price tag because of its inclusion of some great world renowned beauty brands that we don’t really see other beauty subscription boxes.

Now, I have a bit of a dilemma… I really want to subscribe to the first box, The Spring Edit which will be sent out in a couple of months. I’m expecting some incredible products included and for the box to be a knock out seeing as it is THE first box but I also want to wait until the first box is released to take a look at its contents before signing up so that I can make sure that it is as amazing in real life as I imagine it to be!


What do you think I should do? Sign up for the first box or wait until it’s released and then decide whether or not to take up a subscription?


That’s all for now,
triedandtestedblogger XOXO


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A big thank you to maydayismyday from beautyheaven for the heads up about the box! x

All images sourced from The Parcel.


36 responses to “Australia’s Latest Beauty Subscription Box – The Parcel by Marie Claire & Girlfriend Magazine

  1. Oooh!! This sounds really promising. It’s good that you don’t spend as much per year with having less boxes. Myself personally will probably wait to see if it’s worth it and I definitely don’t need anything more things yet!! 😛

  2. I’ve been tossing up for the last few days and just caved and bought a seasonal subscription. I figure I can always cancel it if the first box doesn’t impress me. Just checked on the Marie Claire FB page… according to an interview they did on the Morning Show, they will be giving out deluxe sized samples as well as some full size!! Sounds too good to be true!

    • I think that’s definitely an advantage because you can cancel anytime so if you aren’t happy, you can let it go. Oh wow, full sized products, haha, it does sound too good to be true but if it happen, you’ll definitely be getting bang for you buck!

  3. Hi there! I have never had a beauty subscription box and get excited when I read reviews on them and also get disappointed when they aren’t that great. This one however I feel the same way, the first one could be super incredible being the first one so what to do!!
    Now for me to buy anything it has to be worthwhile due to health issues impacting working but I think I am actually going to subscribe for one off and hope it’s as incredible as people are expecting!!
    What’s your verdict?? 😉

    • One of things I love most is getting a monthly beauty subscription box because it really is like a surprise present every month! I agree sometimes they aren’t as good as you’re expecting but I know that it’s really hard to cater to everybody’s likes every month so fingers crossed this box can do it!

      So sorry to hear you’ve been having some health issues, I wish you all the best and hopefully you’ll be better in no time! I think I may have to sign up after all the comments on the this post! x

  4. I think you should take out a subscription, it could be a great project for you and as a regular reader Id be interested to see the reviews of not only the box but each product content

  5. I just ordered the first box because of your great post, and I will wait to see if I will continue with the rest. I LOVE the idea of only 4 per year so it’s not overwhelming and you don’t feel like the products are cheap and worthless like some other beauty boxes.
    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    • Aww, good to hear Sarah! I completely agree with you, $25 for a season box is great and because they are only every 3 months, I think the quality of the contents will be exceptional because they have the time and money to source such products.

  6. After reading this I just subscribed to the seasonal subscription so I can cancel if I’m not impressed by the first box. I can’t wait! 🙂

  7. sounds really interesting… bit extra incentive with a 10% off for the yearly sub too… so tempting! I’m in! lol Here’s hoping it’s awesome 🙂

  8. Oh, thanks for the heads up on this. I fear that it will be to tempting to not buy, well at least its only seasonally. Now I just have to decide which option.

    ~Annie V.

    • My pleasure! It’s definitely very tempting, I’ve gone and signed up for the full year as I think the boxes will be of great value and worth the $25. Having them seasonally also makes it much more affordable!

  9. Just arrived! So excited, but a little disappointed – why would you give a ranga hot pink lipgloss and nail polish??? Especially when I filled out the questionnaire regarding skintone/hair colour. Worth the $25, if all products would be suitable for use 😦

  10. I received the first of ‘The Parcel’. I was most disappointed and judging by the first effort won’t be signing up for more. The OPI nail polish I received was full size and dark grey. No problem with that except it is a satin finish and looks awful. A travel size tin of cheap brand hairspray. Supermarket brand Shampoo and Conditioner (Pantene) and an awful shade of bright orange lip gloss from L’Oreal which went on streaky. A mini mascara and the Lancôme sample were probably the only things I kept. The rest went in the bin.

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