Taking A Look At: ECO. modern essentials & NAT. Natural Skin and Body Essentials + 20% OFF Discount Codes!

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Today I’ll be introducing you to 2 natural, Australian skincare brands in the form of ECO. modern essentials and NAT. Natural Skin and Body Essentials. Both brands stem from The Natalie Group, one of Australia’s leading skincare companies which I had unfortunately not heard of until recently but I do wish that I had!

A little about ECO. modern essentials, as well as NAT. :

ECO. modern essentials creates essential tools to help our customers feel great: vibrant and natural products which address skincare concerns, as well as increasing overall wellbeing.

Founded over 20 years ago in Queensland, ECO. is a proudly Australian company. We are committed to delivering salon quality products at an affordable price, utlilising cutting edge technology to develop safe and natural products that work. – ECO.

From the ECO. modern essentials line, I gave the ECO. face Refresh Rose Toning Mist a trial and I absolutely love it! This was the first time that I tried a toner in a spray form and I really enjoy just how easy it is to use – just a couple of sprays and you’re ready to go! Comprised of only one ingredient: Rosa damascena (rose) floral water, there is no doubt that this product is one of the most natural skincare products you will find! With an absolutely gorgeous rose scent, this toning mist makes application a pleasure.

The product released from the spray nozzle is the perfect amount as it exposes a mist to gently cover your face without leaving any excess product dripping from you face. The Rose Toning Mist definitely refreshes the face and wakes it up after a long day. On no makeup days, this would be perfect to use to give the face a refreshed and clear appearance and I can only imagine how amazing using this product would be on a hot Summer’s day when you’re wearing no makeup and looking for a cooling pick me up!

eco. face rose toning mist nat. face vitamin c serum

The NAT. face Vitamin C Serum is suitable for all skin types and aims to provide a clearer complexion, hydration and protection from environmental aggravators. With a formula containing 8% Vitamin C, Milk Thistle (which provides Omega 6 and Vitamin E) as well as Sea Buckthorn extract, it is a beautifully emollient, almost oil like texture which is quite different to the traditional facial serums. Although oil like in its texture, the Vitamin C serum is easy to apply and is a lightweight product that is absorbed into the skin very well without leaving any heavy residue on the skin.

It can be used both day and night and I found that it worked well under makeup to give a gorgeous natural glow and didn’t produce any excess shine during the day, while when applied at night, it worked perfectly to give the skin a hydration boost for the next morning. After a month of use, I can definitely say that this serum has improved my skin! Not only does it give the skin a beautiful glow but my skin’s appearance looks clearer and more healthy. My complexion is now brighter and more awake and my skin feels so smooth and soft! The serum, although a little on the expensive side, would be a great investment to everyone’s skincare routine.


I’m excited to announce that the lovely people at ECO. & NAT. have provided some discount codes to save you 20% off your purchase of the ECO. face Refresh Rose Toning Mist and the NAT. face Vitamin C Serum. To receive 20% off the purchase price of either (or both) of these 2 products, just enter ‘TT20’ at checkout! *Codes are valid until 30th September, 2014.




The NAT. face Vitamin C Serum is $75.00 for 30ml. To purchase, visit the NAT. website or their stockists.

The ECO. face Refresh Rose Toning Mist is priced at $14.00 for 100ml and can be purchased from the ECO. modern essentials website and from their stockists.



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